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Natural Cold Remedies and Prevention

There has never been a better time to put use of natural cold remedies and prevention into place.

There has never been a more important time to practice prevention methods for influenza and natural cold remedies in the UK, so what is the latest advice from UK health officials?

Thousands of people die each year from seasonal flu, but the H1N1 type A virus, known to the public as Swine Flu, has caused mass panic.  Every year, flu cases rise during the peak season of winter, and a small percentage of those affected are likely to die from the virus.  Due to it being a new strand, the H1N1 does seem to be significantly more contagious than seasonal flu, but the symptoms are similar to that of seasonal flu.  There has never been a better time to put use of natural cold remedies and prevention into place.

Natural Cold Remedies and Your Immunity

Natural cold remedies can include anything from getting a good night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet, leading a healthy lifestyle to taking natural supplements and herbal medicines.  These methods can be used for both cold prevention and treatment.

Building up a strong immunity is very important for protecting your body from contracting viruses such as seasonal flu and the common cold.

Prevention – More than Just Natural Cold Remedies…

With the recent outbreak of Swine Flu in the UK and other countries, prevention has been a major focus for health officials.  In addition to the natural cold remedies and natural deterrence methods, we should take extra care during the winter months.

  • Avoid crowded places – during peak seasons for cold and flu, avoid crowded places such as busy public transport, festivals, exhibitions, and busy shopping hot spots.
  • Practice good hygiene – as with all infections, it is essential to practice good hygiene in order to reduce risk of contamination. Wash your hands regularly and if you spend a lot of time in public areas, it may be an idea to carry anti-bacterial hand gel.
  • Kill germs – always cough and sneeze into a tissue to catch the germs and bin it afterwards.  This should be followed by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

A Helping Hand from Nature

The common cold and seasonal flu will often clear up within a matter of days with no specific treatment.  However, there are various forms of over-the-counter drugs and natural cold remedies that can help to ease the ailments.  If you suspect that you may have contracted Swine Flu, stay at home and call your GP for further advice.

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