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Colds and Flu

Coping with Colds and Flu

Close up of woman blowing her nose to represent cold and flu

All about the Common Cold

The common cold is an infection that affects the upper respiratory tract – the nose, throat, sinuses, trachea, larynx and bronchial tubes. Read all about the common cold.

Kicking Coughs and Colds into Touch

You are likely to catch between two and four colds every year, but there are a few simple things you can do to help you and your family fend off the germs. Find out more about kicking coughs and colds into touch!

Understanding the Common Cold, and Flu Remedies

Cold and flu are very common infections of the upper respiratory tract and remedies in various forms can help to ease our symptoms. Read more about the common cold and flu.

Natural relief for flu symptoms

By using natural relief for flu symptoms, you can maximise the effectiveness of other supplements. Read more about natural relief for flu symptoms.

Natural Cold Remedies and Prevention

There has never been a more important time to practice prevention methods for influenza and natural cold remedies in the UK, so what is the latest advice from UK health officials? Read more about natural cold remedies.

Herbal Relief for Colds

Herbal relief for colds has become increasingly popular over the years, and cold-fighting foods can normally be found in most households. Read more about herbal relief for colds.

Is it a cold or flu?

Although colds and flu are both respiratory illnesses, the cold virus is milder than the flu (or influenza) virus, so it’s good to know how to spot the symptoms. Find out how to tell if it’s a cold or flu.

A Guide to Herbal Medicines

Download our comprehensive guide to popular traditional herbal medicines and food supplements for minor ailments.

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