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Immunity and Wellbeing

Top tips for boosting Immunity and improving wellness

How to stay well during the crisisWoman holding a plate of fruit and veg in one hand and a weight in the other

With the likelihood of a prolonged period of social distancing and home working, our normal everyday routine will become very disrupted.

Finding new ways to keep fit or new dishes to try will help to boost your morale and wellbeing.

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer shares her top tips for lasting wellness.


How to boost your immunity

It is a very difficult time for all of us at the moment. But there are some things which we can all do to improve our wellness and boost our immunity.


So, from a nutritional viewpoint, what can we do to best defend ourselves?

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer shares her top tips for boosting your immunity.


Eat for ImmunityFruit and veg making a heart shape

The body has in-built mechanisms to fight viruses and infections in the form of anti-microbial white blood cells that sit within the immune system.

The immune system, however, needs to be cared for and supported nutritionally to ensure it is fighting fit during these challenging times.

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer shares her top nutrition tips for protecting your body from unwanted invaders.

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