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Over indulgence health check

Check out your dietary lifestyle using this simple questionnaire

Most people enjoy the odd tipple or two, chocolate bar or the occasional meal out at our favourite local restaurant. However, if you do not keep eating and drinking in check it may increase the risk of many unwanted health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Check out your dietary lifestyle using this simple questionnaire and get some useful tips on what might help.

IMPORTANT: Please note information given is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a doctor or other healthcare professional. If you have any queries or are at all concerned or worried about your health, you should always seek advice from your doctor or other qualified health professional. The products recommended are traditional herbal medicinal products for use in the indications specified, exclusively based on long-standing use as traditional remedies. Thisilyn Turmeric Xtra are Food Supplements. Always read the label.

Let’s get started!

Given that on average a pint of beer, or a medium glass of wine (175ml) is 2 units of alcohol, and a single pub measure of spirits (35ml) is 1.5 units of alcohol, how many units of alcohol do you consume in an average week?

How many days a week do you drink alcohol?

Do you regularly skip meals such as breakfast?

How many times a week do you eat red or processed meat e.g. beef, lamb, bacon or sausage?

How often to you exercise – at least 30 minutes per session?

Do you ever suffer from digestive problems such as a feeling of fullness, indigestion, trapped wind, bloating or flatulence (wind)

Do you ever suffer from stomach upsets such as constipation, diarrhoea or tummy aches?

Which meal tends to be the largest of the day?

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