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Colds & Immunity

Close up of woman blowing her nose to represent cold and flu

Unless you’re very lucky, chances are you will catch at least one cold over the next couple of months, and most of us will suffer with two or three in an average year. A well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables alongside a healthy lifestyle will put you in the best position to stay well.

Preventative food supplements such as Vitamin D and Immune Support can help boost immunity when taken regularly. However if you do come down with a cold there are also some useful herbal medicines which can help provide natural relief:

Alive! Ultra Immune Support Wholefood Plus

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Sambucus Immune Support Gummies

Single pack £12.99 (RRP: £15.99) - Save 19%

Sambucus Immune Support Gummies for Children

Single pack £12.99 (RRP: £15.99) - Save 19%

Vitamin C

Single pack £11.99 (RRP: £14.99) - Save 20%
Double pack £20.00 (RRP: £29.98) - Save 33%

Vitamin D3 High Strength (240)

Single pack £12.99 (RRP: £14.99) - Save 13%

Vitamin D3

Single pack £4.99 (RRP: £5.99) - Save 17%
Triple pack £9.99 (RRP: £17.97) - Save 44%

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