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  • Back Pain

    According to NHS figures, lower back pain affects seven out of 10 of us at some time and it is more common if you are between 35 and 55. Check your proneness to back pain using this simple questionnaire and get some useful tips on what might help.

  • Low Mood

    We can all feel low, anxious or panicky from time to time. Check your mood using this simple questionnaire and get some useful tips on what might help.

  • Stress

    There is a difference between stress and pressure. We all experience pressure daily which keeps us motivated. However, too much pressure can lead to damaging stress and even depression.

  • Sleep problems

    Most of us experience sleep problems from time to time. It may be just for a few days e.g. jet lag, or a few weeks e.g. exam stress. However, often it is linked to anxiety and lack of sleep makes the situation worse.

  • Menopause

    On average, women in the UK reach the menopause when they are 52. This is when they have not had a period for a year. Several years prior to this many women experience hormonal changes which may result in some unwanted physical and emotional symptoms.

  • Over indulgence

    Most people enjoy the odd tipple or two, chocolate bar or the occasional meal out at our favourite local restaurant. However, if you do not keep eating and drinking in check it may increase the risk of many unwanted health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

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